COVID-19 Information

Covid-19 and the Church

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease that is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (WHO).

Sunday Worship

The church currently offers a 90-seat limited capacity service each Sunday at 9:00 am (livestream available via our YouTube channel for those who are unable to attend in person). The safety guidelines for in-person worship include:

  • persons exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms are encouraged to remain at home
  • sanitizing of hands and recording of temperature upon arrival at church
  • wearing of a mask covering the nose and mouth during the service
  • a physical distance of 3ft is to be maintained by persons NOT in the same household
  • tithes and offering collected prior to worship
  • no distribution of hymnals or bulletins
  • no congregating before/after the service
  • to attend worship in-person registration is required.

Other Ministries

Currently all other additional ministries, e.g. Church School, Bible Study & Prayer Fellowship, and meetings are conducted virtually, primarily via the Zoom platform.

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