Resources and Development

Circuit Resources and Development Committee.
A Circuit Resources and Development Committee is appointed and meets once a quarter, in September, December, March and June and as often in addition, as is necessary for the effective execution of its duties
A chairperson for the Resources and Development Committee is elected in June from one of the Circuit Stewards and a Secretary from among its members who shall hold office for one year from the close of the meeting.
Officers for 2020-21 are Chairperson – Sis Linda Massiah; Secretary – Sis Akeeba Layne
The Circuit Mission and Evangelism Committee comprises the following members:
(i) The ministers and probationers appointed to the Circuit.
(ii) The Circuit Stewards and the Circuit Accountant if any.
(iii) One Congregational Steward from each Congregation in the Circuit.
(iv)One representative from the Resources and Development Committee of each Congregation in the Circuit.
(v)Not less than three and not more than twelve other members appointed by the Circuit Council.
(i) To receive and review the Circuit Stewards’ quarterly report.
(ii) To receive and approve the annual statements of income and expenditure of the Circuit for presentation to the District Conference.
(iii)To audit semi-annually or annually the accounts of the Congregations and institutions in the Circuit.
(iv) To prepare a Circuit budget for the ensuing year for adoption at the March meeting of the Circuit Council.
(v) To ensure the payment of all financial obligations, e.g. assessments, salaries, grants, insurances.
(vi) To consider and make recommendations to the Circuit Council on all financial matters with which the Circuit is concerned, including investments.
(vii) To oversee and ensure that all local and circuit property – chapels, manses, buildings, etc. is kept in good repair.
(viii) To ensure that all property owned by the Church is properly registered, and that Title Deeds and certificates of ownership are in safe custody.
(ix) To consider and make recommendations for the development of circuit property, including new the purchase of new property.
(x) To ensure that all properties are adequately insured.
(xi) To appoint sub-committees for finance and for property and for the performance of specific functions as is desirable. (Persons who are not members of the parent committee may be appointed to a sub-Committee).
(xii) To supervise the work of commissioned lay workers in administration.
(xiii) Any other function in relation to circuit property and finance of similar nature to the above within the purview of the committee.
(i) The Resources and Development Committee shall make reports and recommendations to the Circuit Council on all financial matters with which the Circuit Council is concerned.
Activities for 2020-2021

All congregations will prepare Disaster Plans

All congregations will be trained and safety procedures simulated

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